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45 Minute Travel Chat!

Hi There, No matter what the occasion, we understand that each destination event should be unique and special and getting to know you, your dreams and your vision is where it all starts. I am excited to assist you in achieving this goal. Share some information with me so we can get started!!

Schedule a Travel Chat where we can discuss what you have in mind, get all of your questions answered and determine if we would be a good fit to work together to write a travel chapter in your love story

I am on eastern standard time so be sure to change the timezone link below to your time zone to be sure that you select an appointment time that works best for your schedule. 


As an old chinese proverb directs us to Don’t Listen To What They Say, Go See, it is my goal to encourage and inspire the travel enthusiast in you to not just listen to what “they” say, but to go see. Not only that, I strive to make the whole planning experience seamless and effortless for you

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