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Understanding Room Block Contracts: Traditional Contracts vs Flexible Groups

Updated: May 1, 2022

Planning your destination wedding group can seem a little daunting when words like group room blocks, flexible groups, attrition, blackout dates and penalties come to mind.

What is a contracted group?

What is a flexible group?

What the heck is attrition and am I responsible for the cancellation penalties?

It can be hard to decide on what would work best for you.

As an experienced travel consultant, I know that coordinating travel arrangements for your group of guests requires careful planning. To ensure the best fit, Fab World Travel offers two distinct options to accommodate your type of group, number of travelers and flexibility of schedule.

Traditional Group Travel • Contracted Group Room Block

This is the perfect booking option for travelers on the same itinerary who need flexible payment options and cancellation policies for the entire group plus, other general group contract benefits.

A traditional group typically consists of:

  • 20 or more people

  • 10 or more rooms

  • Contract for a block of rooms

  • Flight and hotel packages or just hotel only

  • Set resort price for all travelers with pre-reserved block inventory

  • Typically, a group discount is available

  • Guests can choose varying lengths of stay/not bound to a certain amount of nights except for a 3 night minimum stay

Flexible Groups

This type of group is ideal for small groups of 10 or more guests (5 rooms or more) who want to vacation together at the same resort or a destination wedding, yet need flexibility with their travel dates, flights, length of stay or who may be traveling from different cities.

  • No need to sign a group contract

  • Guests can book from any origin and the hotel will still see them coming as one group

  • We can customize every booking to the clients individual travel needs

  • Flexible groups works best for small groups of 5-10 rooms

  • Pricing is NOT set in stone, pricing is locked in at time of individual booking

So why should you choose to work with Fab World Travel Designs:

Fab World Travel Designs is committed to creating the destination celebration experience that you envision and providing a seamless booking process for you as well as your guests from start to finish. When reserving your group with us, you’ll enjoy:

  • Flexible deposits, payments and cancellation options

  • The best vacation prices—including flight, hotel, and activities

  • Complimentary room upgrades and money-saving offers based on group size

  • Customized itineraries and group activities

  • Group Travel Protection Plan, protecting your travel investment

  • You’ll receive professional, personalized one stop shop service

There are lots of things to consider when deciding which path is right for you. But the great thing is that you don't have to figure it out alone! Let’s chat and get all of those important questions answered.

Think you and I might be a good match?

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