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I'm So Glad You're Here! 

Let me just say how excited I am to help you plan an Epic Vacation Getaway! My goal for you is that this vacation planning journey is fun, seamless, stress-free, and relieves you of unnecessary anxiety and overwhelm.


Just know that as your travel specialist, I am here by your side to work with you throughout the entire process along with my travel partners. I have prepared this guide to help you better navigate and understand the full process.


Don't Listen To What They Say, Go See! 

Now Let's Get Ready To Travel!

What Happen Next?
Destination & Resort Research
So to kick things off in the travel planning process, the first step is destination and resort research. I will use the information that we discussed in our initial consultation to curate the best options for your vacation. We will review the options and narrow them down to the perfect option for you.
Gathering a Little More Information
While I am doing what I do best, you can access your client portal which will have a signed copy of your contract and invoice for your records. Also complete our Client Booking Information Form as this will make it convenient to secure vacation packages and provide additional time to finalize and make deposit if needed.
Resort Selection
Once I have completed the initial round of research and have curated a selection of destination and resort options, I will provide a detailed review of each option. You have the choice of having your vacation package reviewed live or via a convenient video recording that will allow you to review it at your leisure

Recap of My Services

1- Research & Design
It's all in the design and that includes vacations. My services includes taking your vacation vision, wants and non-negotiables and using my experience and valuable travel industry partnerships to research and design the best vacation experience that fits you. But no worries, we will collaborate all the way to customize your ideal vacation package
2 - Travel Planning & Management
My services include handling your travel arrangements as well as all of your invited guests including resort accommodations, airport transfers, travel insurance, tours and special events. My goal is to equip you and your guests with the travel documents, education and travel tips needed so that you feel confident when you travel
3 - Organization & Communication
I provide you with all the necessary tools & resources so that you and your invited guests stay organized and up-to-date on your travel planning experience. Your personalized event website will provide all the details for your guests to book their travel as well access to me to answer all questions related to your upcoming travel itinerary
4 - RSVPs & Accounting
No need to keep up with RSVPs or who has made payments. I handle all the details of accounting and periodically provide you with updates on your invited guests who have booked their travel to join you. And no worries, I will help you stay on track with deposits, due dates and ensure that you get all of the perks & amenities!
Provides a premium, mobile friendly app that gives you access to your entire vacation itinerary and important travel documents 
The Currency Converter Plus app quickly provides live, up-to-the minute currency rates, then allows you to store and view them even when you're offline. You"ll never need to wonder again if you're really getting a good deal in another country
What's App
Whats App - great messaging service for travelers abroad as it uses an internet connection to avoid SMS fees.You’re able to call, video chat, send messages, images, voice memos, gifs and files 
Provides a premium, mobile friendly app that gives you access to your entire vacation itinerary and important travel documents 
This app is essential when visiting a new city (or even for getting around your home). You can map locations, get directions (walking, driving, public transportation, ride-hailing services, and more) and see how crowded your subway will be in select cities.
The mobile-only app tracks flight prices and gives you clear advice on the best time to buy—including through notifications when the price drops
Photography & Videography
Adventure Photos - Adventure Photos is the premier international destination photography & videography service in Mexico & the Caribbean
Flytographer - Flytographer connects you with hand-picked local photographers in over 350 destinations around the globe for fun, hassle-free photo shoots



Methods of Communication   Communication will be handled via email, text message on business line, support ticket or via appointment on online scheduler. PLEASE NOTE: Facebook Messenger & Instagram DM  is not to be used as a form of communication when doing business with Fab World Travel Designs as message and information may be missed and could delay the planning process

Response Time   Fab World Travel Designs will respond to all client correspondence within 24 hours Monday-Friday. Delays in response times from the client when I am awaiting details may cause delays in the planning timeline

Contact Person   Due to the complexity of group planning, I will primarily communicate with the group leader as the final decision-makers for all vacation planning & coordination

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I adhere to a strict confidentiality code and no information will be divulged to a third party unless it is one of my trusted travel partners that I will be working with to plan and coordinate your vacation package. I take your confidentiality very seriously - all passwords and personal information are kept private and I use the highest level of internet security. Additional confidentiality measures are outlined in our contract. You can find more details about my confidentiality policy in your contract.



For work-life balance purposes, I stick to strict office hours so that I can be both successful in the office as well as in my personal life.


My office hours are: 

Tuesday - Thursday:   10 AM - 7 PM

                 Friday:   10 AM - 5 PM

             Saturday:    By Appointment Only 

               Sunday:    Closed               

Otherwise, I am accessible via email or by scheduling a client follow-up call. 


Weekends. My office is closed on Sundays and there are some hours available on Saturday by appointment. If you reach out to me on a weekend, I will reply to you on the next business day excluding holidays unless you are actively traveling


Fab World Travel Designs is out of the office and not accessible for calls, emails or support tickets on the following holidays as the office will be closed


Fab World Travel Designs is closed on the following holidays:


  • January 1 & 2 - New Year’s Day

  • January 16 - Martin Luther King’s Birthday

  • May 31 - Memorial Day

  • June 7 & 8 - Owner’s Birthday

  • June 19 - Juneteenth

  • July 4 - Independence Day

  • Sept 5 - Labor Day

  • Nov 24 - 26 - Thanksgiving

  • December 20 - 27 - Christmas

  • December 31 - New Year's Ever


This is a collaborative process with you leading the decision-making and me guiding you along the way, so ensuring that we communicate is vital.



We will have periodic planning & updates calls to stay up-to-date and on the same page. To insure that we are not playing the phone tag game because your time and mine are important, we will schedule these calls on Google Meet that way it will make it convenient to share or review things such as forms, images etc.


Let's Plan A

Fab Experience

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