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At Fab World Travel Designs, we know that you have many choices when it comes to travel and when taking on the task of planning a destination celebration whether it's a destination wedding in Mexico, a BFF getaway in Thailand or planning that milestone birthday celebration in Greece, it can be time-consuming and stressful. With so many decisions and resort options to choose from, price points and consumer reviews to consider, it can be daunting and confusing. 

Researching, coordinating and handling all the details of travel planning can easily create busy work on an already full calendar, lead to mental exhaustion, cause unnecessary pre-vacation planning anxiety. 

That's no way to Celebrate!

When I plan vacations for our time-starved clients, they are at ease in knowing that their travel is uniquely designed and they are equipped with all the tools & tips for a seamless vacation experience.  

Our Fab Experience travel design services include:

- a travel planning experience that is seamless and organized
- uniquely curating an itinerary that fits your travel style
- comprehensive and confirmed itineraries including your own personalized app so that you are well equipped to travel confidently

all of which will save you time on research and planning and ensure that all the special details are included which gives you the confidence that your next vacation is in other words…………. Fabulous!!
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