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Designing and Planning Well Deserved Travel Experiences for Solo Travelers, Couples &
Groups That Celebrate All of Life's Milestones 

Let's Celebrate You!

At Fab World Travel Designs, we know that you have many choices when it comes to travel. Taking on the task of planning a destination celebration whether it's a destination wedding in Mexico or a BFF getaway in Morocco can be time-consuming and stressful. With so many decisions and resort options to choose from, price points and consumer reviews to consider, it can be daunting and confusing. 

Researching, coordinating and handling all the details of travel planning can easily create busy work on an already full calendar, lead to mental exhaustion, and cause unnecessary pre-vacation planning anxiety. 

It shouldn't be that way. 

When I plan vacations for our time-starved clients, they are at ease in knowing that their travel is uniquely designed and they are equipped with all the tools & tips for a seamless vacation experience.  

Our travel design services include saving you time on research and planning, 
uniquely curating an itinerary that fits you & ensuring that all the special details are included which gives you the confidence that your next vacation is in other words…………. Fabulous!!


21 Fabulous Destinations That Are Perfect for Celebrating You, Your Crew & All of Life's Milestones

Celebrating a special life event whether it's a birthday, anniversary, BFF getaway, or a bachelorette party is always great but adding travel to it, just takes it to another level.  A vacation getaway whether its solo, two friends, a group of 100 or anything in between will create an experience that will create memories and happiness that will last a lifetime

So find out what destinations will let you level up that next milestone event


Ready for a Vacation that is Truly a Fab World Experience? 

Your travel planning experience will be as carefree and simple as possible. We're dedicated to providing the best service from planning to execution and take the time to get to know you so we can build an itinerary that has you written all over it. 

Personalized & Simplified Planning
A Network
of Professionals

You have one shot to celebrate those important life milestones. The goal is to celebrate more and worry less. Our planning process saves your time and energy that you can enjoy the celebration journey and gives you the confidence and peace of mind in knowing that all the details are handled


You have one shot to celebrate those important life milestones. The goal is to celebrate more and worry less. Our planning process saves your time and energy that you can enjoy the celebration journey and gives you the confidence and peace of mind in knowing that all the details are handled

What We Book


Sometimes the DIY approach to travel planning is not quite the way to go. Hours upon hours of googling and reading what "they say", 100 tabs open on your computer and more options than you know how to sort through can leave you overwhelmed, exhausted, and scratching your head before the wheels on your plane are up.

It shouldn't have to be complicated.

Travel planning is a skill, expertise, and true profession.  Let me take the stress, overwhelm, and hours of work off your already busy schedule so that you can have a Fab World Experience! 

How It Works
How It Works

Click each phase below to see how my travel design & planning process works with your travel vision to create

A Fab World Experience 

Consultation .png


It all starts with a complimentary consultation where we meet online and you tell me all about what you are looking to celebrate! So grab a cup of coffee, tea, or my fav, a chilled glass of Moscato and we will get to know each other. This time is for you to share your vacation goals and vision and get all of your questions answered about your travel dreams.  

Meet Felecia
Hey There Travel Bestie

I Love the zip lining, snorkeling, catamaran cruising, fine wine tasting, rainforest hiking, lavish spa relaxing, toes in the sand kind of travel.
What can I say? When I see a chance to explore a new destination and experience a new culture, I take it. Wouldn’t you agree?

The beautiful world that we live in at times can seem big overwhelming and oftentimes chaotic but it was created with beauty and abundance. From Victoria Fall in Africa to the white sand beaches of the Caribbean to the snowcapped mountains of Alaska, we can agree that this world we live in is a must see and because I know and understand that you work hard in life and you deserve to experience lifestyle and wanderlust of getting away for that incredible and well deserved vacation that creates memories that last a lifetime.

As an old chinese proverb directs us to Don’t Listen To What They Say, Go See, it is my goal to encourage and inspire the travel enthusiatist in you to not just listen to what “they” say, but to go see. Not only that, I strive to make the whole planning experience seamless and effortless for you.

The end result is to make travel and lifestyle a priority for you by providing a seamless, stress free process that saves you hours and hours of endless searching on nameless faceless booking engines but I provide you the need to knows, the hows to and what’s this so that you are confident that your next vacation is in other words….


DWP-213-Edit (1).jpg
Fun facts about me

This is a hard one but if I had to pick a fav destination it would be Los Cabos Mexico. Desert meets Sea. I felt so comfortable there and often consider letting this destination become my home away from home!

I am a huge college football fan so unless I am traveling you can find me every Saturday during football season, if not live in the stadium, I will be glued to the tv. And who's my favorite team, the most feared-- of course, The Alabama Crimson Tide, ROLL TIDE YA'LL!


You can find me on the beach especially when it looks like this beach with a cold, slushy, fruity drink in my hand. Thats' my vacation bliss!

2 Ways to Spend Your Wedding Budget

One Budget. Two Ways To Spend It

Find out how to "dress" your wedding budget 2 different ways and get the wedding of your dreams! 



Dream Worthy Destinations
11. To get the best views of the arch, hike up or sail out.jpg

Los Cabos

Los Cabos is about as remote as you can get. Located at the southernmost point of the Baja California peninsula, this tropical destination is the perfect place to getaway. Los Cabos is surrounded by the beautiful blue waters of the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of California with a rocky desert area and vibrant city in between. Spend an afternoon snorkeling through the beautiful reefs off-shore or hike to the city's tallest point for panoramic views. At the end of the day, stroll through the colorful streets of the art district and enjoy authentic Mexican cuisines.


Unlike most popular tourist destinations in Mexico, Los Cabos offers plenty of space for you to relax and disconnect without feeling like you're on vacation with thousands of other people

Best Time to Visit 


The climate of Cabo San Lucas is a tropical desert climate with a pleasantly warm winter from December to March, and a hot summer from May to October. There is a relatively rainy period from July to September. Be advised that hurricane season runs from June to November.


Mark It Off Your Go-See List


  • Visit Land's End & El Arco 

  • Swim at Lover's Beach 

  • Jump off of Pelican Rock 

  • Dive at Cabo Pulma 

  • Whale Watching 


World-famous for its breathtaking beaches, rugged mountains, magnificent waterfalls, and authentic Caribbean hospitality, Jamaica is indeed a bucket list topper. Soar sky-high in the air, swim on horseback, explore the countryside on an ATV, or take a relaxing float down the river. You will never run out of exhilarating activities in Jamaica! 

Whether it's on land, in the water, or even flying through the treetops, there are a lot of exciting adventures ahead. Travel over the rugged terrain of Jamaica's interior or surf the squally waves on our coastline. Your experience is definitely up to you!

Best Time to Visit 

In Jamaica, the climate is tropical, hot all year round, with little difference between winter and summer (just a few degrees). Even in winter, daytime temperatures are around 27/30°C (81/86 °F) and night-time temperatures around 20/23°C (68/73°F).

The southern coast, where Kingston is located, is slightly warmer in the winter months, in fact, the maximum temperature is around 30°C (86 °F) even in January.

The best time to visit Jamaica as a whole, whether you intend to visit cities and go on excursions, or to swim and sunbathe, runs from January to April. In fact, it is the driest and coldest period. 

Mark It Off Your Go-See List

  • Go Bamboo River Rafting 

  • Swim in Luminous Lagoon

  • Hike up the Blue Mountains

  • Go on a Bob Marley Pilgrimage

  • Dip into Milk River Spa



Located in southeastern Europe, Greece is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world—for good reason. It is a country with great, ancient history, one that gave birth to the concepts of democracy and philosophy, the Olympic Games, and drama, namely tragedy and comedy. Visitors will get a glimpse of more than 3,500 years of history, from the Palace of Knossos and the Parthenon to the newly discovered Amphipolis Tomb.

With almost 2,500 islands, sea and sun are at their best in Greece: Spotless sands and clear-blue water abound. The landscape offers a picturesque variety, from whitewashed homes and blue-domed churches to neoclassical architecture and traditional authentic villages in the mountainous areas.


The Greek cuisine will reward even the most demanding visitors and definitely those who appreciate simple and good quality food (after all, the famous Cretan diet is the cornerstone of the Mediterranean diet). The country's vibrant nightlife is famous and includes a great variety of clubs and bars.

Best Time to Visit

The Greek islands have a Mediterranean climate, with mild and rainy winters, and hot and sunny summers. The northern cities, located in inland areas of Epirus, Macedonia and Thessaly, have a slightly continental climate, with quite cold winters, during which air masses coming from the north can sometimes bring snow and frost, and hot summers, sometimes torrid. 

Mark It Off Your Go-See List


  • Swim in Gaiola of Thassos

  • Traverse the Corinth Canal

  • Marvel at the Santorini Sunset

  • Get Up Close With History at the Acropolis

  • Rent a Sunbed in Mykonos

  • Visit the Red Beach 

Dominican Republic

The diverse Caribbean tourist destination of the Dominican Republic has something in store for everyone. Try its gourmet delicacies, jump down the waterfalls, discover its pre- and post-colonial history, watch a baseball game, hike a mountain, or just lounge on some of the region's sparkling white-sand beaches.

Visiting the Dominican Republic is all about catching the endless deep blue horizon. All who visit the "DR" as it is colloquially known,  will enjoy various activities, such as playing in the sand, snorkeling through a string of reefs and crystal clear waters, or scuba-diving to discover beautiful undersea gardens

Best Time to Visit

The Dominican Republic is an all-year destination; the temperature remains constant almost year round. The annual average temperature is 25 

degrees Celsius (77°Fahrenheit). Rainfall is very seasonal. The wettest months are October through to April in the north, with May to November 

being rainy season in the south.

The south can also be struck by hurricanes during August and September. The best time to travel to the Dominican Republic is between November and April. 

Mark It Off Your Go-See List

  • Take a Kitesurfing Lesson in Cabarete Bay 

  • Dive the Marine Caves at the Gri Gri lagoon 

  • Hike Mount Isobel de Torres and take a cable car down 

  • Go on a white water rafting adventure on the Rio Yaque del Norte in Jarabacoa 

  • Rappel down a series of 27 waterfall cascades in the Damajagua area 

  • Paragliding at Jarabacoa 

Fab World Articles


Travel Tip & Inspirations

  • What does a travel advisor do?
    Planning any type of travel whether its a group getaway, a destination wedding or a honeymoon should never be stressful. But when you throw in a destination that you and your guests may not be familiar with or you try to balance your time between planning your wedding or group and arranging your guests’ travel affairs — stressful and anxiety may be inevitable. That’s where I come in. With experience and incredible travel partnerships, I know what it takes to ensure not only a smooth trip from start to finish but also an experience that’s unforgettable, seamless, and, most importantly, fun for everyone.
  • Felecia, Why should I hire you?
    Because Travel is my Jam. As an old Chinese proverb directs us to “Don’t Listen To What They Say, Go See”, it is my goal to encourage and inspire the travel enthusiast in you to not just listen to what “they” say, but to go see. Helping busy people who work hard in life and deserve to experience the travel lifestyle that they desire is what I do best. Because I have been there and I have the know-how and connections to bring your travel aspirations to life
  • Are there any costs or fees to work with you?
    Yes, I do charge a professional research and design fee. It is my belief that every client's vacation should be a customized experience and you can be assured that none of the recommendations that I provide will be cookie cutter. The research and design fee covers my proven planning process, research and itinerary prep that ensures that we meet all of your travel goals. Destination Weddings A Destination Wedding is a unique experience for a unique set of lovers who want to trade the traditional pews and rental halls for sun-kissed beach aisles and ocean breezes. ​ As a destination weddings expert, my job is help you bring your wedding vision to life. From choosing the right destination to matching your wedding vision with your wedding budget, I will ensure that your destination wedding has "you" written all over it. Investments start at $950 Destination Celebrations Whether its a birthday celebration or that last fling before the ring getaway, celebrating a milestone in a vacation destination is the best way reconnect, build bonds and create unforgettable memories ​ Our destination celebration groups start at 10 or more people with 5 or more rooms. Investments start at $500 Small Group Fab Experiences Looking for a woo-sah moment for yourself or maybe your plus one or two or three to travel and see an new destination, experience a new culture or rack up those new passport stamps that you so deserve, we've got you covered. Small groups are a great way to relax, reconnect, rejuvenate and enjoy a milestone. Our small groups accommodate up to 8 people or 4 rooms and can even include a villa experience! Investments start at $150/per person or $300/room Couples Getaways & Intimate Fab Experiences These vacation experiences are for singles, couples or smaller intimate groups of up to 8 guests or no more than 4 rooms. This is designed for more customized vacations such as honeymoons, romantic getaways, guided tours, luxury getaways and villa experiences. Investments start at $350/room ​
  • Do I really need travel insurance?
    Life happens, right? What I can control is meticulously planning your trip. What I cannot control is weather delays, lost luggage, pandemics and unexpected cancellations due to medical reasons. I will always strongly encourage all clients to prepare for the unexpected by purchasing travel insurance. Protect yourself and your travel investment.
  • How do I apply for a passport or visa?
    Visit for more the requirements and to apply for these documents
  • How is Fab World Travel Designs handling Covid-19:
    Treating your vacation like it my own has always been the foundation of my travel agency. The recent events of the Covid-19 pandemic has only elevated the need to have a well-informed and well connected travel advisor who can advocate and educate you through every stage from planning until your safe return home. Fab World Travel Designs only works with vetted suppliers that are in good standing and who are in compliance with all covid compliance measures. The option to purchase travel insurance for you vacation will always be our recommendation.
  • What destinations do you offer?
    Fab World Travel Designs is partnered with a network of vetted suppliers located in several destinations throughout the world. Join our email list to receive incredible weekly articles that will provide ideas and inspiration and to learn more about some of our favorite

Don't Listen to What They Say, go See




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